Night Guards

Do you grind your teeth? During the day? During your sleep? Grinding is also known as bruxism and can be a side effect of stress. Grinding your teeth can result in some consequences including:

  • wearing away of your tooth structure – especially the biting or chewing surface
  • breakdown of the ligaments that support your teeth
  • loss of jaw bone
  • soreness in jaw joints or facial muscles
  • headaches

If you suspect you are grinding your teeth, we can help to verify this. A sleep partner can tell you if you are grinding at night.

What is the solution? Try to determine the source of your stress. Be conscious of grinding your teeth during the day. And wear a night guard when you sleep. We make custom fitted night guards or bruxism appliances using the Hi-Impak system to protect your teeth from the wearing forces of grinding. Call Dr. Šarić today and find out about this preventive solution!


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