Children’s Dentistry

We make dentistry a fun learning experience for your children!

Children are a welcome addition to this very family oriented dental practice. We take care to ensure that your child’s experience with us imparts a feeling of trust and security leaving them feeling comfortable and open to learning about their teeth.

You are encouraged to bring your child to your own dental visit so that they become familiar with our environment.

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At what age should I bring my child to the dentist?

You can bring your children for an examination between the ages of 2- 3 years or earlier if you have any concerns. The first appointment we treat as a fun introduction to dentistry. We will check for decay, review brushing techniques, clean and polish their teeth and provide a fluoride treatment. A very important aspect is discussing with you how different foods, drinks and snacks can adversely affect your child’s teeth.

Children are recalled every 6 months and because they are growing and changing so rapidly, we pay special attention to erupting permanent teeth, growth and development of facial bones and smile aesthetics and function. We monitor the effects of oral habits including baby bottles, pacifiers and thumb sucking. Orthodontic evaluations take place when you child exhibits signs of undesired development. In these ways, we optimize facial and dental aesthetics and minimized expense and treatment where ever possible.

Our hygienist will patiently treat your child through education and exploration to help establish good oral hygiene practices.


Dr. Šarić believes that all children deserve an opportunity to have a happy, healthy smile. We welcome children for treatment under the care of CINOT (Children In Need of Treatment) until the age of 17. If your child or teen (17 and younger) does not have any dental coverage and lives in Peel, Contact Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700 to book a screening appointment. This appointment involves a visual check of the child’s mouth by a Region of Peel Dental Hygienist to determine if the child qualifies for basic dental services available. You will be directed to the dental screening clinic nearest closet to you. There is absolutely no charge to you for any of the services provided to your child under the CINOT program.


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